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Blockchain startups list including market overviews, startup insights, and venture funded companies.The DHS Science and Technology Directorate urges entrepreneurs to incorporate blockchain in homeland security solutions.Blockchain Market Map: 135 Blockchain Startups That Have Raised Money Through ICOs.What College Students Taught Us About Predicting Future Tech Trends.Banking Is Only The Beginning: 30 Big Industries Blockchain Could Transform.

A list of 10 Indian startups which are building enterprise grade solutions in different sectors using blockchain technology.

UAE Blockchain Startup Raises AED3 Million - DisruptorDaily

Crypto enthusiasts who invested in first generation cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ether, saw big payoffs.

Blockchain start-ups include Ambisafe Inc., engaged in projects such as a tamper-proof national voting system, and Blockchain Technology Group, a San Diego company.Blockchain, the technology behind bitcoins, is now seen as having applications across a wide range of areas, from financial services to land registries and.

Currently there are approximately 40 startups operating globally in the energy blockchain space.The company has kickstarted an ICO mentoring program to help ICO projects reach their full potential while providing a level of investor protection.Content companies primarily operate blockchain-based content platforms, whereby publishers and creators establish immutable rights and ownership of content and engage in microtransactions for the usage of content.

This category includes blockchain-based rewards programs, cryptocurrency point-of-sale kiosks, and merchant-directed blockchain consulting services.

Blockchain: Disrupting the trust business - The Economist

The Adel team will advise projects in various fields such as finance, marketing, tech, and law.Start-ups and corporate leaders meet for discussions and launch initiative for shared blockchain.

How two California startups are preparing pharma companies

What is the Blockchain – part 3 – Blockchain Startups and

Blockchain Is Latest Bitcoin Start-Up to Lure Big

It uses a new forecasting system based on incentivized crowd intelligence to predict the amount of funds a certain project should receive during a crowdfunding campaign and to rate its overall potential.The blockchain ecosystem made great leaps forward in 2016, with dozens of new companies, funding rounds and partnerships making headlines.We recently discussed why many are saying the advent of blockchain technology could be as.

Startups & Enterprises Launch Blockchain IoT Protocol

Major global banks and financial intermediaries are working closely with blockchain companies using the new technology to revamp legacy systems and infrastructure.Despite a tumultuous start, the ICO culture is likely here to stay.With the plethora of current ICOs, blockchain might be emerging as a powerful way for startups to raise funds in the near future.

P2P lending refers to companies that develop blockchain-based, peer-to-peer lending platforms which allow users to engage in lending transactions with peers, as opposed to traditional financial institutions.Bitcoin News: German blockchain startups form a federal association.

As this market matures and becomes increasingly reliable, it could rival the traditional VC investing.

Startups Adopt Blockchain to Disrupt Big Industry

U.S. blockchain startups R3 and Ripple in legal battle By

Blockchain currencies refers to companies that build unique and custom cryptocurrencies and tokens.Miners receive financial renumeration from cryptocurrency networks for maintaining the networks.

Startups Are Getting Creative With Blockchain Applications

Bitcoin and blockchain startups are sprouting up in tech innovations hubs around the world—here are 10 of the best and brightest you need to know about in 2017.A couple of interesting projects have emerged to protect ICO investors and help blockchain entrepreneurs adhere to best practices.

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