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Common factors that cause open bite include thumb sucking and tongue thrusting.

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A sample animation of an Anterior Open bite being corrected with braces.Progress of Bite Correction During Braces Class III Malocclusion With Anterior Cross-Bite After Braces Class III Maloclussion.The bead encourages patients to keep their tongue behind the appliance and away from their front teeth.

Figure 1: Progressive pictures of a patient showing treatment of an open bite due to tongue thrust.Orthodontists use Invisalign to straighten teeth without the brackets and wires associated with metal braces. An open bite occurs.The result of the forward tongue position is an open bite where the teeth do not touch.Open bite makes it difficult for some people to chew correctly and even to speak.At the risk of belaboring the point, this is another argument for why it is beneficial to have your child evaluated at age 7 to determine if interceptive treatment can prevent the need for more invasive treatment later in life.

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This patient has an open bite, crooked teeth, teeth gaps and teeth that have size and shape deformities.

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It can affect your bite, your ability to chew, and your self-confidence.

Open bite often occurs when some teeth are unable to make physical contact with the opposing teeth for a proper bite.Whether treatment is necessary is determined by the cause of the open bite.Open bite is a type of orthodontic malocclusion which has been estimated to occur in 0.6% of the people in the United States.See how Six Month Smiles can help with open bite correction from our library of orthodontic cases for dentists and general practitioners.

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Bite Correction without surgery to treat bad bites, jaw alignment, underbites, overbites and open bites.Invisalign works by pushing the teeth in the correct direction in order to align the upper and lower teeth so they can bite down evenly on top of one another.In some cases, the doctor may have to put in elastic bands to more effectively align the jaw.Open bite occurs when the top and bottom front teeth do not touch as the back teeth are touching.This invisible treatment option is perfect for any type of orthodontic needs such as crowding, protrusion, open bites,.At this time, I am able to determine if interceptive treatment is needed to correct any problems that exist, or if your child just needs to continue being monitored periodically to determine if and when orthodontic treatment will be necessary.Team O is able to use braces, instead of a surgery, to help close an open bite.If something such as open bite is detected, I may recommend more frequent monitoring appointments so I can watch and see if it appears the malocclusion will correct itself.

An overbite might lead to excess strain on the jaw and wear out the enamel on the lower teeth.Open Bite Treatment: Braces 9-12 months This 9 year old had a significant open bite from a previous thumb sucking habit.

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It is worn outside the mouth and is attached to the upper jaw, as well as the back and top of the head, where it directs force.

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Evaluate the procedure, the various treatment options and alternatives, and their respective costs.

How we treat children with an open bite is determined by numerous factors.Find information on orthodontics for adults,. preventative treatments and maintenance of braces, from the Colgate Oral Care. correct an irregular bite,.

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All children experience anterior open bites during the time period when the permanent teeth erupt after the baby teeth fall out.Disclaimer The information on this website is provided for general information, is not intended to provide medical advice and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.However, in the hands of a skilled orthodontist, he or she can use the Invisalign system to straighten your teeth and fix orthodontic problems.I am 25 years old but never noticed that i have an open bite untill i observed the diffrence between my smile and the smiles of my friends. i hope you understand my problem and could help me to have normal teeth.

Before And After. BEFORE. This 23-year-old patient was unhappy with her open bite and flaring of her.As the lower jaw auto-rotates, the front teeth increasingly overlap in a vertical dimension.The Invisalign system will straighten the teeth and then shift the teeth closer together to eliminate spaces.A patient treated with INVISALIGN for open bite and class I crowding.

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