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The footprint voting icons keep with the theme and a slightly altered font gives the page a clean feel.

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Reddit is arming its users from. but they will still be able to talk to people on their subreddits.

Reddit Thread Encourages Risky Millennial Traders To Make Insane Bets.Reddit is a popular social sharing, news, and discussion web site.The Best Part of Grand Theft Auto V Is the Stock-Trading Platform. Tags.

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The best penny stock advice you will ever get: Reddit Penny Stock.Benzinga is a fast-growing, dynamic and innovative financial media outlet that empowers investors with high-quality, unique content.How to Market on it Anyway. Check out the subreddit created for the talk here.

Marijuana Stocks is now on Reddit. By subscribing you agree we can send you via email our free e-newsletter on marijuana stocks related, articles, news and trade.

Serifs are rare to see on Reddit, particularly as titles, but it works perfectly on this page.The title and accompanying sort functions look good, especially with the white frame (complete with its own shadow) around them.

Sync for reddit aims to provide you. subreddits on reddit. reddit and the reddit alien logo, trademark and trade dress are registered.

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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Reddit Leaks In a thread on Reddit,.

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We culled 30 subreddits that impressed us and listed them in no particular order.DHS law enforcement based out of Baltimore has subpoenaed Reddit for information.The destination for mobile wallpaper, this subreddit blends the background of the header and body together, before yielding to a typical list of posts, accented by the use of a serif font similar to Georgia.This subreddit uses a bold, but simple serif to get its point across in the header, resisting the indulgence that some other music genre-themed subreddits could not.Federal agents want Reddit to turn over the personal data of five prominent Redditors active in the Darknet Markets subreddit.

The red and gray color scheme works great here, and the red separator below the sort functions looks great, along with the alternating gray and white post backgrounds.

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Lots of financial service providers and very little, if any, support.The result: a list of 10 subreddits that reflect the range of what good porn can be — sexy, educational, hilarious and,.

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The popular TV show features a nice looking subreddit, although it would rank near the bottom if the list was ordered.

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The voting arrows in the form of the old-school Adidas logo in a nice touch.Submitted stories are commented on and voted on by Reddit users.If you are passionate about your Internet browsing activities, chances are that you have already.The Daily Dot notes that it was a hard subreddit to fully get a read on because of artificially.That minor change, coupled with the consistent use of teal result in a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

The voting arrows were replaced with a Red Wings logo as an upvote, and hilariously enough, a Blackhawks logo for a downvote.Trading with The Fly. for the cannibal who runs Reddit, one conservative subreddit is one too many. never witnessed one word regarding a trade.

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