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One of the major problems at Enron was deregulation specifically.No sign of the Bitcoin received, either pending or confirmed. Coinbase or other 3rd parties as a wallet is.When calculating for a cross-pair you basically need to find the first settlement date which is a valid trading date for both currencies (except some currency pairs which have special rules).Because there is no possibility of this not being brought to a judge on the behest of SEC themselves or a consumer complaint.

The general policy with most financial firms is that firm errors should be resolved in a way that benefits the customer (so in this case, if BTC actually increased in price, Coinbase should honor the original trade price).Their support team has always come through and usually eats the cost difference if it was a bump on their end.On 12-17-2013 the US funds left my bank account and off to coinbase. Alas. All I need to do is wait now until the 20th to spend my now 30 dollar loss due to market.To anyone considering or currently using coinbase: this comment (if verifiably true) should be a GIANT red flashing light warning you to tread carefully.

Market risk would be the risk of the value of the asset changing (which is also present here).MtGox is something like 5 months behind in withdrawls with no confirmed date of when it will occur.

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There are many threads on suggesting that these delays only happen when the BTC price is very volatile, and that once they are resolved, the actions taken by Coinbase (either cancellation of the order or delivery at a locked in price) always inure to the financial benefit of Coinbase.Else things start to get really inefficient and wasteful -- or potentially really, really ugly and violent -- really, really fast.They should be balancing the books and checking inventory every day.I admit, that is a very poor article and I mainly blame the editor.

For existing Coinbase customers, the purchase can be completed with as few as just 3 steps.Reconciliation is a fundamental operational procedure of financial entities.

Is this an actual policy of Coinbase, or restricted to times when you get bad press.This allowed a user to send funds offsite, leaving one wallet with a negative balance.Notifications are alerts sent to your application using webhooks (POST request with JSON data) when corresponding actions are performed or observed by Coinbase.The question is why did they refuse to act until this public outcry.I suppose that even with this, bitcoin banks still appear to be far more reputable establishments at the moment than say, either RBS or the Co-op, unless Rob Ford has founded one recently.Not really, I can easily come up with 35k at the drop of a hat.You are right, botcoin is not a currency, but it is a security and it is traded on an exchange.I ran into this same problem along with them sending a duplicate transaction hours after my first one.

I had Coinbase honor a price favorable to me after initially being declined, and have heard of the same thing happening to others.Coinbase how long pending. raises too many red flags for Coinbase to ignore as Bitcoin merchants come under greater scrutiny from regulators.Your writing clearly implied that regulation is useless because sometimes criminals evade regulation.Seems like they have a history of this sort of thing that should have warned you of the risks you were taking.It will be pending for just a few hours at the most. Video: Send and Receive Bitcoin Using Coinbase or Xapo.Tell me how regulation stopped the 2008 financial crisis with the housing bubble.You see, the illegal ones operate anonymously and completely disregard the laws.

Their company communication has never described their product as a tool for day-trading.This database acted as chokepoint in performance that resulted in a complete public outage of indemnify themselves against issues with the online display.HN is very frequently used as a customer support forum for large tech companies not funded by YC.It can be used as a starting point to design paranoid and useful infrastructure in the cloud.At the least, he should be entitled either to cash or Bitcoin credit for the difference in value between the delivery date and the actual delivery date.Buying bitcoin is harder than it should be, which is why we at Coinbase have been working so hard to expand our services to more regions of the world, to accept more payment methods, and to process transactions as quickly as possible.

On HN, there is an expectation of a certain degree of impartiality and free speech.We should have certainly caught it and responded sooner so that was our fault.It sucks that they are holding onto your money, but consider this a learning experience: always start small, make sure everything smells right, and then scale up.Bitcoin will continue to fall and he will continue to lose money.We will continue to make available the open source code in the github repo here.Apparently, referring to a thread which is highly critical of Coinbase, while participating in another critical thread, is proof enough for you that Coinbase criticism is silenced.A customer of bitcoin shouldnt have to care if the service you provide is hard.

You took a risk, one that is a lot harder to read than the Fed-drunk stock market.If it was called bitcar and people were could redeem their bitcars for a ride then you might have a point.

I imagine that there will be more server upgrades as Coinbase expands.We are excited to launch the Buy Widget alongside three great developer partners.This is exactly why auditing (internal and external) and settlement processes exist elsewhere.It is doubtful he would have had the sense to sell them before todays drop.I am not invested in bitcoin, so this may be a naive question, but is there any explicit promise that your funds will be available within n-time.I doubt a mainstream institution would be so willing to engage directly like this.BTC on the other hand has insane amount of volatility and the players are comparatively small.

I never advocated that they could wash their hands of responsibility.That means introducing a batch process to at least trigger a manual review of these cases, and possibly even an automated cancellation with repayment.At a Goldman or Morgan Stanley, that threshold approaches half a billion.It should always be a market order unless the client requests otherwise by specifying maximum entry price etc.What he meant was coinbase could have easily used some of the 35k to buy the 40 by cheaper, and keep the rest.As a software developer on corporate credit card applications, dealing with managing transactions, accounts, and restrictions.

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